Swingin’ for the fences with consistency, right? It’s cool, I haven’t given up.

Went on an outside ride with a couple of GP Velotek team mates. We rode on K32 to Desoto, south to 83rd St and then back to Kansas City, aiming for Holliday Drive to take us home.

I was scheduled for 2.5 hours on TrainingPeaks, so it ended up working out great. We all three got flats at different points during the ride, though. It kind of killed my Saturday. On the way there, They helped me set some important PRs. If I was sticking around, I would focus on a specific segment on K32 and get a group of 5 to smash it out. Without the flats, we would’ve been 3rd on the whole K32 segment. Whatever. I’m not bitter.

I’ve been keeping my ‘active recovery’ wattage pretty low, like 120w, which is only 39% of my FTP. I didn’t know if this was too low–in my TrainingPeaks workout that I wrote, it just says less than 74% of FTP. Maybe I was just leaving myself some variability depending on fatigue? I’m not sure now because 54-74% is Zone 2, which is actively pushing on the aerobic system. I’ve also been working on trying to do blocks of 420w. Right now, I’m working on a two minute block. Eventually, I want to be able to do 420w for 8 minutes. Working on that capability after a 2 hour+ ride even for a short amount of time is going to be beneficial.


These really hurt at the end of a long workout, but I can only see the benefits right now.