I almost didn’t make it today. 2nd day. Doing really good so far.

I’m surprising myself on the mountain bike now. Maybe runs that weren’t so fast, but focused intensely on execution are actually faster than drilling the gas the whole time. I’m still having trouble with one problem out at Shawnee Mission Park. There is a boulder then a root and then a boulder in the matter of a foot right after a turn. I usually chicken out, walk it over, and then get back on the bike as soon as I can. Maybe next time I go out there, I’ll spend half the time getting that section right. My back is still a mess, but I’m definitely starting to feel strong again, I just have no aerobic ability.

My friend Stephen asked if I wanted to do a roundtrip to Lawrence last Saturday. It would have been 5-6 hours of riding and the most I had done in a while was 2 hours. I’m glad I wasn’t on the ride, because I’m sure I would’ve bonked and held them back.

Structured training starts in 3 weeks. I don’t want to get overly ambitious, but I want to establish some goals:

Abdominals 4 times a week using Tom Danielson’s core work book.
Daily meditation and mindfulness exercises.
Daily yoga/stretching routine.

After I establish some baselines for power output, then I’ll think about some time sensitive performance goals.

I wonder how close I am to riding to the moon?