According to Strava, I have 225,640 more miles to go until I reach the moon. Even with running mileage and non Strava data, I bet I still have 200,000 miles to go. We’ll just let Strava dictate my start point and even averaging 10,000 miles a year cycling, it would take me 22.5 years to reach the moon. If I can reach the moon before I’m 50, I think that would be pretty rad.

I’ve got a bit of a crush on mountain biking. I can feel my hips getting looser and more intuitive with each ride. This is going to be the perfect lead into Base work. I’ll do a baseline Functional Threshold Power test that first weekend. This year, I’m going to request off of work for FTP test days, so I can have focus. Maybe I should be consistent and only test inside this year?

I rode down at Swope again. It’s probably the place that I’ve ridden the most on a MTB. I’m probably getting to know Rancho De Lux a little too well, but I’m trying to take baby steps. And I want to get my segment time down into the top 10. Maybe it’s lame to hold in that regard, but it’s a good measurement to know that you can keep your own with guys that can actually rip. I rode the loop clockwise today and knocked well over a minute off of my counterclockwise time. Part of that is due to the downhill into Marcy’s Playground, a boulder field about halfway through the loop. Going clockwise I have to dismount twice for tricky spots, right before Marcy’s Playground where there is a bit of a drop into a skinny corner and right after Marcy’s Playground where things get a bit loose up hill and I never have enough speed. I have to dismount once going the other way at the previous mentioned tricky drop. I need to go out there and watch how some people handle that transition. I’ve been getting eaten alive by bugs, though. If I’m going to be eaten, I want to enjoy it with some suffering.

I need to be restructuring a lot of things in my life. I feel like I’ve set some things in the right track. If racing has taught me anything, it’s that patience is always the key. Not that I have any patience while racing bikes.

I’ve been listening to a shit ton of Electric Wizard – Dopethrone lately.

I mean this song is about Conan the Barbarian. Hell yes